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Our Process

We are a website designing company offering websites at affordable rates.

We work as a team, putting our clients ideas together, to ensure a unique concept every time. Making sure that our clients are nothing less than impressed.

Website Design Johannesburg Process


Website Design Introduction

From the offset, it is not necessary but recommended that we meet to get to know you and your business. We are interested in you, the goals you want to achieve and the creative direction you are going towards. This will help us provide the best possible solutions that is right for your business.


Planning & Design

“Fail to plan, you plan to fail”’ This is where we take all the information you have given us and determine how many web pages will be needed, the flow in which they will be structured on the web page as well as design and colour schemes etc.


The Website Build

Here is where we bring your website to life. We will start putting all the planning in place and building a working system that matches the final product. We pride ourselves in the work we do. We won’t settle for anything less than a final design that is sleek and modern and exceeds our own expectations on quality.



Testing & Delivery

Almost at the finish line, but we’re not done yet. It’s time to test your website to its full capabilities and iron out any creases that we may have missed in the building process. You will be requested to conduct your own testing in order to give us any feedback you have before we go live.


Let's go live

Here we move your wesbite files over to your own domain. If you have not chosen to host with us, we would need you to provide cPanel login details which you can obtain from your hosting provider. We will once more conduct testing on our end to ensure the site is working as it should on your domain. You will again be required to test your site.


We're Done

But don’t be strangers! We like to keep an ongoing relationship with all our clients. We offer a multitude of other services which can help your business grow! The next step would be to market your new website – We can do this through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing campaigns to the ever-expanding sector of Mobile App Development where you can really connect with your customer base.

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Website Design Sandton

Our website design magic is created by our staff who are all based at our main offices in Sandton, Johannesburg. This does not limit us from offering our services to companies nationally and internationally. Our team make Website Brothers the successful online digital agency we are today. We are so proud of our family of creatives for their dedication and determination at delivering outstanding work. With each website design project that we undertake, we sit down as a team to discuss every detail of our client’s project and requirements. We combine our different ideas resulting in a website that is unique and relevant to the service our clients offer. For most, many find the process or even just the mere thought of getting a website designed quite overwhelming. We understand that not everyone understands the lingo when it comes to website design or anything digital for that matter. Therefore, below is a simplified breakdown of the process. When you choose us, we work with you and try to make the process as simplified and stress-free as possible.


The fast-paced digital world requires businesses to have a strong online marketing presence in order to reach their target consumers. This can be achieved through the use of exceptional digital marketing strategy services from Jetwebs’ team of passionate digital strategy specialists. We offer comprehensive digital strategies across all social media platforms, we customize our service for every client and place a strong emphasis on aligning the strategy with their goals. This is achieved through content curation that’s presented in a way that allows for a consistent look and feel in the design elements for social media marketing. We manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, ensure that your business is easily locatable through local SEO and maintain the brand image by providing friendly online engagements with your consumers.

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Why Your Business Needs Our Digital Marketing Strategy Services

A digital marketing strategy is important because it facilitates the building and maintaining of relationships between a business and its consumers. Consumers feel positive about a brand when they are able to engage them in real time while being able to view and access offerings through a simple click. Our dedicated team of digital strategists take care of the online image of the brand by handling the aesthetic presentation and the tone that’s used when interacting with consumers. Whether you are selling a service or product, increasing your customer base or gaining visibility, we strive to use digital tools to ensure that your goals are reached.

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Website Design Sandton

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